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3 Important Questions to ask when choosing your HR Technology Partner

Choosing the right partner for your HR transformation project is an important business decision. The big question is: Is there a right way or wrong way to do this?

In this video blog I will explore the 3 questions you must ask yourself when selecting your HR Technology partner.

1. How does the HR Technology Partner handle integrations with other business systems?
The HR function is dynamic and requires interface with the entire business. This also means that your HR Technology would need to interface with other business applications such as Financial Systems, Communication Systems, Identity & Authentication Management systems etc. Failure to meet these needs could lead to loss of agility in the HR function if such integration is not properly or adequately handled by your partner. So you should look for a partner that has capabilities to support your company’s full HR Technology and Integration requirements. A great place to start is to look at their track record in the industry handling and supporting technology integrations.

2. How Does the HR Technology Solution and Partner handle changes in Processes?
First of all you should seek out a HR technology solution that can adapt your current business processes.

However with the business and economic changes, sometimes changes need to be implemented very quickly.

For example: major changes on organization structure or policy changes in the way employee performance is measured to mention a few.

Secondly you should select partners that have demonstrated a healthy track record in quickly assisting clients facilitate those mission critical changes that can happen in the ever changing fast paced world of commerce.

3. Does the HR Technology Solution and Partner have a track record of innovation?
The way that HR technology has evolved over the last 5-10 years has been nothing short of amazing!

Today  companies are moving rapidly away from legacy systems to implement a new breed of highly integrated, cloud-based talent and HR systems.

Companies that adopt cloud-based talent solutions ahead of their peers gain a significant advantage in driving employee satisfaction, engagement, capability development, and performance — and generating data for the emerging wave of talent analytics.

What is behind this new wave? Innovation…

Let me share an example of how a pervasive tool like WhatsApp or Skype is used in some cloud based  HR & Talent Management  solutions.

In these solutions, self service capabilities have been extended from web and mobile apps to using WhatsApp  and other business messaging apps like Skype and Slack to perform functions like leave or loan requests in an intelligent and yet highly secure manner.

To summarize,
When choosing your HR Technology Partner keep these three things top of mind:

  1. How well do they integrate with your existing systems?
  2. How quickly can they handle changes in processes?
  3. Are they innovative and can they demonstrate this will real world examples?

Choosing the right HR Technology Partner may initially seem like a daunting task. By asking these three crucial questions you will quickly narrow down any shortlist and be a lot closer to making the right choice for you.

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