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Human Capital Management process automation is at the heart of what we do; we seek to enable our customers elevate their HR practice, improve productivity and profitability. Our HR articles are designed to highlight HR trends and best practices.

Ten Trends Driving Modern HR in Nigeria.

In Nigeria today, talented people are needed in businesses to ensure success. These people must be erudite, motivated and superior-performing employees. This is always true, but no more now, because quite a number of CEOs in Nigeria perceive their employees as the great differentiator in a very competitive business setting of today. Note That: In this service-inclined economy of today,

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Scale new heights with your people capabilities

Did you know that, in order to succeed in an emerging market you need to have a structured competency management? Thats what the 2014 KPMG report recommended to its clients. The objective of an organisation is to attain a common goal and while doing so, there are many routine activities that are carried out. While working in tandem, the people within an organisation develop

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