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6 tips on setting effective goals for your employees

Setting goals for employees is a key responsibility for any manager. By setting effective goals, a manager not only enables improvement in employee productivity but also actively helps strengthen the organisation as a whole and enhance its employer brand. So you’ve got your company strategy in place for the year – well done. A company without a strategy is a

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A Guide to the HR Lifecycle

Like many other parts of life and business, human resources has a unique life cycle. The HR life cycle is basically the sequence of the stages employees go through and the role human resource managers are tasked to take on during each one of those stages. The HR lifecycle is a concept in human resources management that describes the stages

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GZ Industries Limited Manufacturing Client

GZ Industries (GZI) was founded in 2006 and opened West Africa’s first can manufacturing plant in Agbara, Nigeria in 2010. The factory was commissioned in August 2010 to manufacture aluminium beverage cans for brewers and bottling companies in Nigeria and other West African countries. It reached capacity of 1.2 billion cans, per annum, in 2012. GZI’s 46,000 square metre factory

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Zenith Bank PlcBank Industry Client

Established in May 1990, and commenced operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank, Zenith Bank Plc is Nigeria’s biggest and most successful bank Zenith Bank. With its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Zenith Bank Plc has over 500 branches and business offices in prime commercial centres all over Nigeria. Zenith Bank currently ranks as the 6th biggest

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3 Important Questions to ask when choosing your HR Technology Partner

Choosing the right partner for your HR transformation project is an important business decision. The big question is: Is there a right way or wrong way to do this? In this video blog I will explore the 3 questions you must ask yourself when selecting your HR Technology partner. 1. How does the HR Technology Partner handle integrations with other

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